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Moon Phase Pendulum Board

Moon Phase Pendulum Board

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Embark on a journey of lunar wisdom with our Moon Phase Pendulum Board. Perfect for those who seek celestial guidance, this pendulum board is a valuable tool for both beginners and experienced diviners, offering profound insights and clarity.


- Enchanting Design: The board showcases the mesmerizing phases of the moon, capturing the essence of lunar cycles and their influence on our lives. From the new moon to the full moon, each phase is beautifully illustrated, symbolizing transformation, growth, and renewal.

- Superior Material: Crafted from high-quality MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) wood, this pendulum board ensures durability and a smooth, consistent surface. MDF provides the ideal texture for accurate pendulum movement, allowing for precise and reliable readings.

- Comprehensive Divination: The board is thoughtfully divided into sections for yes/no answers, directional guidance, and other spiritual insights. The clear, easy-to-read layout enhances usability, making it perfect for various divination practices.

- Portable and Lightweight: The Moon Phase Pendulum Board is easy to transport. Its lightweight design makes it ideal for both at-home use and on-the-go spiritual exploration, allowing you to carry lunar wisdom wherever you go.

- Eco-Conscious Choice: Made with environmentally friendly materials and processes, this pendulum board reflects a commitment to sustainability. Practice your craft with a clear conscience, knowing your tools are kind to the Earth.


To use the Moon Phase Pendulum Board, hold your pendulum above the center, focusing on the lunar phases. Ask your question and allow the pendulum to swing naturally. The movements will guide you to the answers, with the moon phases enhancing your connection to lunar energies and cycles.

Why Choose Our Moon Phase Pendulum Board?

- Lunar and Mystical: The intricate moon phase design brings a celestial touch to your divination practice, symbolizing the powerful influence of lunar cycles on our lives.
- Durable and Reliable: The high-quality MDF construction ensures longevity and consistent performance, providing a dependable tool for your spiritual journey.
- Enhanced Spiritual Connection: The lunar imagery combined with practical design helps deepen your intuitive skills and connection to the moon's energy.

Transform your divination practice with the Moon Phase Pendulum Board. It's more than just a tool—it's a pathway to lunar wisdom, personal growth, and spiritual insight. Order yours today and begin your journey toward greater clarity and understanding under the guidance of the moon.

Please Note:
- Color May Slightly Vary Due To Lighting
- Board Size: 15cm (W) x 15cm (L) x 3mm (H)
- Weight: 54gr

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